Acupuncture Office of

Sherene Flores RN, L.Ac


What is acupuncture?


 Many diseases and conditions are recognized as benefitting from Traditional Asian Medicine.
Asian healing traditions view the person and body as a whole, a field of energy.
   This field maybe harmonized and bought to wellness by balancing energies throughout the body.
Modern Asian Medicine has eveolved over 2500 years from China and India and
has been expanded in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
Research has spread to Europe and there are many branches of Asian Medicine being
practiced throughout the world all based on essential Asian traditional foundations.
Modern acupuncture often utilizes microcurrent devices, lasers and electronic sensors to
  diagnose and treat maladies without needles. Traditional needles also maybe used and have been
the original energy balancing tools for thousands of years.
The healing benefits of quality herbs extracted and standardized without harsh solvents are an
                      important part of Asian medical treatment. Herbs and their combinations are sometimes the only necessary
treatment for health. Modern herbs are intensively researched in Asia and Europe.
  Asian Medicine works with the body, improving circulation, releasing endorphins to control pain,
allowing the body to heal itself more quickly and completely.

Commonly treated conditions include:
allergies/asthma colds/influenza gastrointestinal illness
anxiety/depressions cough/bronchitis women's health/infertility
arthritis/joint pain dizziness headache/migraines
back pain addictions heart palpitations
pediatric illness effects of chemotherapy hypertension
constipation/diarrhea fatigue knee pain
neck pain/stiffness rhinitis sciatica
skin problems stress/tension